This Is Your Leadership Moment!


We are in the midst of a universal health crisis that threatens to cripple our global socio-economic-political system! This is the most crucial time for you to rethink whatever you are thinking, and THINK BIGGER!

Make no mistake, this is a global transformative emergency, and it threatens the very character and quality of the American way of life. The United States and the world at large need leaders with courage in the C-Suite who are credible, principled, and proactive. This is your leadership moment — a time when your actions will change the world in a Herculean way. This kind of a leadership challenge comes around only once in a lifetime, so don't let this golden opportunity pass you by.

THE "C" FACTOR — The stakes couldn't be higher for CEOs and senior leaders, as the world teeters on a precarious balance between prudence and expediency, truth and lies, and hope and fear about Covid-19. As a key leader, you are in a position to make a huge difference to help the world tip the balance to health from infection.

On Friday the U.S. had 910,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, with a rising death toll of over 51,000. At Thursday's press briefing with more than double the number of Coronavirus deaths than any other country in the world, President Trump suggested to his scientists that they test whether disinfectants, such as bleach and sanitizers could be injected inside the human body to fight the pandemic.

Trump's suggestion, which he offered unprompted, immediately spurred doctors, lawmakers and the makers of Lysol to respond with warnings against injecting or otherwise ingesting disinfectants, which are highly toxic. When asked Friday in the Oval Office to expand upon his suggestion, Trump said he was just being sarcastic, and it was not intended as a serious suggestion.

While scientist across the globe are working feverishly to find a vaccine, the Coronavirus-COVID-19 threat is not going away anytime soon (i.e., ‘a few weeks’), and we are in this for a long haul. The New York Times reports that a 100-page Federal Coronavirus Plan lays out a grim prognosis and could include “multiple waves,” resulting in widespread shortages that will strain every part of our country and the nation’s health care system. “Coronavirus will be ‘imprinted on the personality of our nation for a very long time,’” Dr. Fauci warns.


In just six weeks, more than 30 million Americans have filed unemployment insurance claims. Another 3.84 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits this week. On the heels of worse-than-anticipated first-quarter GDP data, investors got additional economic data Thursday to reflect the ongoing damage being done to the U.S. economy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.S. Labor Department released its weekly jobless claims figures Thursday morning, and another 3.839 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits during the week ending April 25. Economists were predicting 3.5 million claims for the week, and the prior week’s figure was revised higher to 4.44 million from 4.43 million.

“Although this is the fourth consecutive slowing in the pace of new jobless claims, it is still horrible and underlines the severe economic consequences of the Covid-19 containment measures,” ING economist James Knightley wrote in a note Thursday.

“The re-opening of some states, including Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida, appear to have gone fairly slowly. Consumers remain reluctant to go shopping or visit a restaurant due to lingering COVID-19 fears, while the social distancing restrictions placed on the number of customers allowed in restaurants do not make it economically justifiable for some to open. Evidence so far suggests very little chance of a V-shaped recovery, meaning that unemployment is unlikely to come down anywhere near as quickly as it has been going up,” Knightley added.

The St. Louis district of the Federal Reserve is predicting the worst of the economic damage from the Coronavirus outbreak will result in a higher unemployment rate worse than in the Great Depression. Economists at the Fed’s St. Louis district said in a recent analysis that the US will lose 47 million jobs, resulting in an unemployment rate of 32.1%.

The trillions of dollars in cash and loans unleashed by the Federal Reserve and US political leaders in recent weeks to alleviate the shock of unemployment to the economy is meant to build a financial bridge for the country to get beyond the Coronavirus pandemic and restart the economy with little or no long-term damage. The mammoth effort is still unlikely to change the fact that millions of additional Americans will be left unemployed for an extended time, according to new economic forecasts that see the US unemployment rate not just spiking to Depression-era levels in coming weeks, but remaining above a relatively high rate of 6 percent through the end of 2021.


It’s clear that we’re bucking the fierce headwinds of a ‘perfect worldwide socio-economic-political-epidemiological storm, as medical science and government are battling this crisis. Wall Street and markets around the world are on continuing to experience losses and volatility as the economic and physical toll caused by the Coronavirus outbreak mounts — and as experts say they still can’t predict when it will end.

PERFECT STORM width=THE DREADED "R" WORD — The U.S. record-long bull market, which for 11-years has dodged existential threats from trade wars to real wars, is now confronting a risk that it might not be able to overcome: the Coronavirus. The U.S. economy has been staggered and shocked by the Coronavirus pandemic, and the full economic toll will not be clear for months.

The biggest banks in America are starting to feel the wrath of the Coronavirus pandemic and are expecting a prolonged recession. One of the hardest hit by the crisis is Wells Fargo after its profits dropped 89% in Q1. JP Morgan is not far behind as the investment bank’s first-quarter profit sank to its lowest level in seven years. Meanwhile, the net income of Bank of America and Citigroup were nearly cut in half in the same quarter.

It seems that the massive economic storm is rapidly building in magnitude and velocity. According to Kenneth S. Rogoff, a Harvard economist, “I feel like the 2008 financial crisis was just a dry run for this crisis. This is already shaping up as the deepest dive on record for the global economy for over 100 years (and depending) on how long it lasts, it’s certainly going to be the mother of all financial crises.

CEOs SOUND STOCK MARKET ALARM — Perhaps the most telling evidence of the recent exuberance in today’s market is a Conference Board study out this week. The pessimistic mood of CEOs isn’t reflected in the stock market’s rally. The study surveyed U.S. CEOs to get a gauge of where they see their businesses heading. The results were downright terrifying.

  • More than half are planning furloughs and mass layoffs.
  • Nearly half plan to cut wages.
  • Over 80% expect Coronavirus to have a significant impact on their business.
  • 43% anticipate cash-flow issues.

The Conference Board noted that this kind of CEO confidence decline has not been seen since the height of the Great Recession. The sharp fall was driven by a dramatic deterioration in sentiment about the current state of the economy. The Conference Board’s results essentially suggest that investors are betting on companies whose leaders aren’t even betting on themselves.


CEOsSTED COACHThe public and private sectors are anxious and eager for honest leaders they can trust to captain them through the heavy seas ahead. If you choose to be one of those leaders you are going to need an edge. Like Top Guns have a Wingman to give them a 'critical edge,' having a good executive coach watching your 'six' just makes sense.


CUSTOMIZED COACHING — Let's face it, you already know how to lead — It's time to learn how to lead better! Customized coaching is and intense process that will 1) Create new awareness and horizons, 2) Initiate and expedites action, 3) and Generate significant personal and professional growth and results.

SENIOR TEAM COACHING INCLUDED — This is important! — Services begin with you and extend to your direct reports and Senior circle. We will all work together to build your team's cohesion and teamwork to meet the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. Senior team activities may include individual face-to-face and video coaching sessions, periodic team meetings, off-site retreats, partnering (where I attend key meetings with team members to observe), and other activities as needed.


Dr. John A. Brady Dr. JOHN BRADY — Looking at my picture you'll see I've been around the block a bit. Some clients call me their Silver Bullet, and others refer to me as an éminence grise (fr. Grey Eminence/Grey Beard) — A fancy French term meaning I'm a trusted advisor with the experience, wisdom, and know-how to help senior leaders like you. I am an Industrial/Organizational psychologist, Master Executive Coach, management consultant, counselor, and educator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and my practice focuses on intensive work with leaders and organizations who are highly motivated to change.

PRAGMATIC APPROACH My competence comes from a unique combination of 'street smarts' and 'book smarts' earned by working in the corporate 'trenches' for four decades, and from thirty-years of continuous study and teaching leadership and organizational psychology at top universities. I am not the academic type despite my credentials; I'm unpretentious, levelheaded, plainspoken, and my clients and friends call me Brady (for short), or John.

THE BRADY LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY I have a simple 'three-legged stool' leadership philosophy, which is: 1) Deliberate with Wisdom, 2) Speak with Honesty, and 3) Lead with Integrity. This credo has allowed me to assist clients in virtually every industry worldwide, from Fortune 50 corporations, nuclear power companies, the Federal and State governments multi-national conglomerates, non-profits, healthcare, insurance, and many more.


 width=My clients consider me the Gold Standard of executive coaching. I am frequently told, “You are worth ten times what you charge,” and my premium fees reflect my client's success. When you check me out and do your due diligence, you'll find that I purposely keep a low, semi-anonymous professional profile. I don't advertise (with the exception of this low key website).

REAL LEADERS SPEAK — For reviews of CEOs and senior executives who have engaged me, read their candid stories. Various leaders have called me 'Yoda,' 'Colombo,' 'Silver Bullet,' 'Wizard,' and more describing how, together, we significantly improved the quality of their personal and professional lives, achieved greater respect and recognition from their peers, and successfully transformed their companies in the process. Imagine yourself in their shoes.

EXCEPTIONAL ROI — According to a study by Price-Waterhouse-Coopers the positive multiplier effect of executive coaching is the best investment a company can make in their executives for the overall health of the organization. They found coaching “... returns seven times the investment and improves productivity, organizational strength, and top and bottom line results from 20-50%!"


Knowledge, experience, and wisdom are the best investments and pay the highest dividends. By investing in a Master Executive Coach you get all three. hat Fees and expenses are customarily underwritten by the CEOs and Senior Executives' companies. Below is a brief overview of the Terms and Conditions of the coaching engagement:

1) LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP — The coaching process is a long-term partnership (a minimum of eighteen months to two to three years.)

2) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT — Engagements are secured with a Professional Services Agreement (Retainer) which includes;

a) Professional fees: Flat rate; Paid in advance. Minimum term of eighteen months; Billed in two nine-month installments.

b) Expenses: Payable upon receipt of invoice. Includes all client related expenses.

c) First Class Travel DURING THE CORONAVIRIS PANDEMIC: All travel related expenses are strictly First Class (No exceptions), during the pandemic to protect you and me from contamination and infection. Corporate jet transportation is preferred.


☆ A word of advice ☆ — Don't wait until it is too late! If you are seriously considering using my services during or after the first wave of the Coronavirus, I advise you to contact me now. My capacity to take on new clients is limited and making arrangements ahead of time is strongly advised.

If you are one of the women and men who are serious about significantly improving your personal and professional performance and feel that you are a viable coaching candidate, let’s discuss your situation, expectations, and level of commitment to see if we are a good fit for a long-term partnership.

Also Please do me a favor — Don't have a third-party (HR, Executive Assistant, Head Hunter, or others) call for you. Let's talk, person to person, and I promise our conversation will be confidential and discreet. Just pick up the phone and call, text, or email me — Easy-Peasey — No sales pitch — No obligation.

What it comes down to is, If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.If you are ready for the journey, so am I. Give me a call.


Phone: 805.748.9000 — Please leave a Voice Mail or Text.

John Brady

Bona Fides


John Brady is a graduate of the California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, California, acknowledged as one of the country’s leading universities in the West. Widely known and respected for its "learn-by-doing" ethos exemplified by Owen Servatius's tenure as the Dean of the School of Business and Social Sciences, graduates were known for their ability to 'hit the ground running' to immediately make a difference on the job.

After graduating from Cal Poly with a B.S. and MBA in Organizational Behavior, Brady began his management career with American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T-The old New York based 'Ma Bell'), and continued his graduate education as an AT&T Fellow earning an M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngJohn has worked in the corporate trenches for four decades. His extensive executive management experience in information systems, finance, corporate strategy, product development, marketing, engineering, construction, organizational and executive development functions gave him well-rounded experience in corporate operations.

After his first-hand experience during the organizational chaos of the 1983-84 AT&T divestiture, Brady began his leadership and organizational consulting career, and his 'hands-on' expertise has proven invaluable in assisting many senior leaders and corporations in navigating the most successful large-scale corporate transitions and transformations in the U.S.


../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngBrady has spent more years in business pin-stripes than in Marine Dress Blues but credits his U.S. Marine Corps leadership experience as the foundation of his business leadership.

The principles of Ductus Exemplo (Lead by Example), Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the foundational principles of his personal and professional ethos and relationships today.


California's High Sierra Nevada mountains is where John spent his formative years as a young cowboy, where he developed a strong work ethic and was toughened up by leading pack trains in the high mountains, breaking mustangs, being kicked by belligerent mules, and charged by cranky bulls.

Brady learned very early in life that when it comes to tough challenges there is never an excuse, and definitely no quitting. You stick to it "cowboy-up' and get the job done no matter what!"