Welcome, and Congratulations! You are among a select few senior executives exploring the possibility of leadership excellence. Let me explain ...

A survey by the Miles Group/Stanford University found that almost all CEOs, C-Suite, and Senior Executives would like an outside coach, but a whopping 65% don't seek it out. Quite a contradiction considering performance standards are continuously rising, and senior leaders face considerably more onerous challenges than ever before!

One such challenge intensifying the need for coaching is the fact that 62% of Chief Executive Officers believe business conditions are continuing a yearlong slide. The August CEO Confidence Index, America’s largest monthly survey of chief executives, shows confidence plunging to its lowest point since October 2016.

Germany's central bank has just warned of an imminent recession, and despite upbeat statements to the contrary emanating from Washington, there are signs of a 'perfect political-economic storm' brewing. Senior executives who endured the 2008 debacle know that now is the time to find the best outside executive coach you can get to stay ahead of the wave!

Equally important is finding a seasoned coach with corporate experience that knows the ropes. This is not time for novices, cookie-cutter programs, or coaching professors with new academic theories. The right coach can help provide rational assessments that focus solely on driving positive outcomes for you, since making the wrong decision will set you back in terms of time, money and missed opportunities.

If you are one of the CEOs, C-Suite, or Senior Executives seriously considering coaching, read on ...


RAISING THE BAR — Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could achieve our peak performance once and then rest on our laurels! That is not reality today, and we all know that peak performance is a perishable skill. The fact is you are either moving forward or falling backward — There is no standing still.

Take New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for example. Try to imagine a scenario where, after winning his first Super Bowl in 2001, Brady said to coach Bill Belichick, "I've reached the pinnacle of my game, and I don't need coaching anymore." Ludicrous, right?

By ramping up his coaching, Brady significantly elevated his game and became the only NFL player in history to win six Super Bowls, three league MVP awards, and four Super Bowl MVP Awards! Imagine what the right seasoned executive coach could do for you and your direct reports.


SINGLE FOCUS — An outside coach is focused on you and your results. He has a vested interest in your personal and professional success. It is a partnership; your success is his success.

PERSPECTIVE — The best executive coach is a strategic partner that provides an independent, expert, third-party perspective with no biases or preferences. He sees and hears things that you don't, and that helps bring clarity and direction to your vision and goals for yourself.

CORPORATE POLITICS — You are probably already aware that corporate politics prevents a leader from getting the straight scoop. A seasoned outside coach is uninhibited and immune to corporate politics, allowing him to give you the candid, straightforward advice, and counsel you need to become even more successful.


If you have read this far, you may be getting a subconscious nudge to take executive coaching seriously — That is where I come in!

THE BRADY METHOD — I have redefined executive coaching. My process is a uniquely designed, experientially-based approach that facilitates learning, creates awareness, and generates action that produces personal and professional growth. It focuses on improving your performance and helping you develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

SEASONED CORPORATE VETERAN — Looking at my picture at the left, you'll see I've been around the block a bit. I have worked in the corporate 'trenches' for four decades, and I have the scars to prove it. My clients refer to me as an éminence grise (fr. Grey Eminence, or Grey Beard) — A fancy term that means I serve as a trusted senior advisor and coach who keeps a low profile to assist you in achieving sustainable, long-term success.

THE REALITY OF SENIOR EXECUTIVE LIFE — I know the challenges facing senior executives. In that regard, if your executive experience is anything like mine, being a leader is no picnic. It means more people depend on you; it's almost impossible to "turn it off;" and it's very tough to get a good night's sleep most days of the week. Your schedule is always packed, and weekends don't mean anything anymore. The stress on you and your family strains relationships in ways that most 9-to-5er's can’t comprehend or appreciate, and you feel the reality of what 'lonely at the top’ means at a gut level!

You might ask, "Why does a guy like this stay in the game?" The answer — I am an evangelist for ethical leadership, and my forté is coaching leaders and teams committed to the principles of integrity, good faith, and fair dealing.


I maintain a small, exclusive coaching clientele so that I can provide each executive with high quality, personalized attention. I am an 'on-call' resource, and you should expect significant forward progress and momentum in your personal and professional life (or, why do it at all, right?).

Customarily, new clients come to me strictly by referral; however, I often consider CEOs and senior executives who seek out my help on their own. If you feel that you are a good candidate, let’s discuss your situation and your expectations to determine if we are a good fit for a long-term partnership.

At its core, our coaching relationship is a partnership based on rapport, commitment, and trust.


My clients and colleagues consider me the Gold Standard of executive coaching, and my premium fees reflect my clients' success. CEOs and senior executives tell me, “You are worth ten times what you charge!”

You don’t have to take my word for it — Judge for yourself when you read the Client Results page and discover the real-life narratives of senior executives who partnered with me. You'll find inspiring stories of leaders who significantly improved their personal and professional quality of life, achieved greater respect and recognition from their employees, peers, shareholders, and the public, and successfully transformed their companies in the process.

Breaking out of the pack and improving your peak performance is hard work and involves frequent and abundant face, phone, and Skype time. It may be the toughest challenge you have ever had, but I promise you it will be worth it. You will be renewed and will achieve more, and confidently bear the heavy burdens and responsibilities of senior leadership!

THE Ts & Cs — Coaching costs are customarily and routinely funded by the CEOs and Senior Executives' companies; however, I am ofttimes privately engaged by executives for my services. Below is a brief description of the Terms and Conditions of my coaching engagements:

1) LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP — The coaching process is a long-term partnership (usually a year or more; the average being eighteen months to two years). I have clients that have retained me for over ten years.

2) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT — Engagements are secured with a Professional Services Agreement (Retainer) which includes;

a) Professional fees and services. These are paid in advance on a six-month (half-year) basis.

b) Expenses (travel, materials, etc.). These are separate and invoiced monthly, payable upon receipt.

c) All travel-related expenses are strictly Business Class, including airfare, lodging, etc.


If you are committed to ethical leadership, personal and professional growth, making a significant difference in peoples' lives, and want the best master executive coach in the business, let's talk.

No obligation; No sales pitch; Just two professionals having a confidential, common sense chat.


If you or your company are in a crunch, crisis, or crucial leadership or business emergency, I am available to on a short-term basis (see list of services).

My services are provided on a flat rate basis and require a short-term retainer and an advance payment that covers my fee and Business Class travel expenses. If you wish to continue with my services after your immediate challenge is settled, any fees you've paid will be applied to the new long-term agreement.

Call, text, or drop me an email at:

Email: Brady@JohnBradyConsultants.com

Phone: 805.748.9000 — Please leave a voice mail.

John A. Brady, Ph.D.



John Brady graduated from the California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California, one of the country’s leading universities in the West widely known and respected for its "learn-by-doing" ethos. Owen Servatius's tenure as the Dean of the School of Business and Social Sciences focused students' abilities on 'hitting the ground running' upon graduation. Brady earned his B.S. and MBA in Organizational Behavior and began his management career with AT&T. Brady continued his graduate education as an AT&T Fellow earning an M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Psychology to assist with Bell System divestiture.


../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngJohn has worked in the corporate trenches for four decades. His varied management experience in information systems, marketing, engineering, and construction functions gave him well-rounded experience in corporate operations.

Brady began his leadership and organizational consulting career after leaving AT&T, and his first-hand experience during the 1983-84 AT&T divestiture has proven invaluable in assisting senior leaders and their companies in navigating challenging organizational change. John's organizational expertise has been instrumental in the most successful, large-scale corporate transformations in the U.S.

Marine Corps Leadership

../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngBrady has spent more years in business pin-stripes than in Marine Dress Blues but considers his U.S. Marine Corps leadership experience the foundation of his business leadership. The principles of Ductus Exemplo (Lead by Example), Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the foundation of his personal and professional ethos and relationships today.

'Horse Sense'

John spent his formative years as a young cowboy in California's High Sierra Nevada mountains, where he developed a strong work ethic and was toughened up by hustling ranch work, and running high-mountain pack trains. He learned firsthand that there are no excuses for not finishing a job, and no quitting when it comes to bad weather, breaking mustangs, being kicked by belligerent mules, and rounding-up cranky cattle. Lesson learned — "You 'cowboy up' and get the job done no matter what!"