John Brady is a trusted C-Level advisor assisting leaders to develop robust leadership, high performance teams and strengthen their organizations.

'Real World' Solutions — Our solutions are forged by the fire of over thirty years of experience in the trenches and tailored to produce meaningful, sustainable results.

The Brady Promise — "We will find a way, or we will make one!"


WILLIAM C. FERGUSON, Chairman and CEO of NYNEX Corporation (ret)

John Brady came to NYNEX when we were at a major crossroad. He was highly recommended by another Fortune 500 CEO after John piloted his 80,000 employee multinational organization through a difficult transformation. His endorsement was short and sweet, "He's the master at bringing people together in the toughest of circumstances. He's one of a kind!"

John wasn't your 'typical' bookish consultant. He was unassuming and brought a spirit of decency, integrity, confidence and a steady hand to his work. His years in the trenches as a seasoned executive gave him him an insider's instinct about where 'the bones were buried' and clarity on the 'real' forces at work inside large organizations.

Brady's advice made sense and he was candid about the amount of hard work and sacrifice it would take to transform our company. From the git-go he told us that there were no shortcuts, gimmicks or 'quick fixes,' and that long-term process that would be tougher than 'turning a whale in a bathtub.'

THE TOP-DOWN PROCESSBrady and his team designed a program we christened "NYNEX Winning Ways" which started with the most senior level executives. Getting the C-Level onboard and united was our highest priority because it was the most critical piece to setting the tone for the rest of NYNEX and establishing a 'one vision - one voice' philosophy.

John was good match for our rough-and-tumble, hardnosed New York/New England business cultures and had a gift for working with people in very contentious situations. His calm confident demeanor fostered a safe environment where people could open up and have an honest dialogue. He was legendary in NYNEX management circles for his ability to build consensus with often skeptical and acrimonious executives.

Once the senior executive team was fully committed and onboard, we cascaded Winning Ways throughout the entire international organization. We didn't water down the process in any way and spent our time and resources to maintain the same quality program the officers received for all 90,000 employees, including having them attend a full three-day off-site Winning Ways seminar and a one-day follow up session.

SENIOR TEAM LED PROCESS — Our senior leaders and the entire management team led the implementation of the program, including attending each session for all of our employees. Special attention and importance was paid to creating an open dialogue Q&A forum where employees were encouraged to address raise any concerns. Concerns raised during the dialogue that couldn't be answered during the sessions were forwarded to the Winning Ways program coordinator and swiftly answered using our extensive internal communications media and video network.

RESULTS — When it was all said and done Winning Way's success was due to a newfound mutual respect among our employees and an improvement in trust across the board. Interdepartmental squabbles and turf battles all but disappeared, and our overall company performance increased. There was a quantum leap in communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Things just got done faster and better and problems were solved at lower levels before they became unmanageable.

The New York Public Service Commission lauded our quick turnaround and our renewed commitment to high ethical standards, quality, and customer service. Our success with Winning Ways' was the centerpiece of our Annual Report which read:

"For employees, NYNEX is becoming a new kind of company with completely new ways of getting the job done. Our corporate culture, embodied in a set of principles we call "NYNEX Winning Ways," gives all of our people a stake in building and acting on our foundation of core values: Quality, Ethics and Caring for the Individual."

On a personal level, I consider Winning Ways the most challenging and rewarding achievement of my business career. We could not have done it without John Brady. That made all the difference! His insight, caring and organizational savvy were the keystone to our success and enabled us to 'turn the NYNEX whale in a bathtub' — just as he promised.



John has piloted numerous organizations through challenging changes in corporate strategy, structure and culture. His pioneering work in large-scale organizational change came in the crucible of the largest, most complex corporate reorganization in American business history — the 1982 breakup of AT&T. As part of AT&T's Divestiture team John learned the most critical factors in leading successful organizational change were: 1) senior executive direct involvement by 'walking the talk,' and 2) getting full employee buy-in and participation in the change process.


Brady's education at highly regarded California Polytechnic University was steeped in the ethos of 'learn by doing.' During the Owen Servatius era the school's approach was summed up in the dictum, "Tell me and I forget. Involve me and I learn." John's graduate education in management and organizational cybernetics and psychology has given him unique expertise and insights in developing leaders and high-performance teams.

Corps Values

"I didn't learn leadership in business school, I learned it in the U.S. Marine Corps," said Brady. "Ductus Exemplo (Lead by Example) and Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) are the cornerstone of my personal and professional relationships today. Even though I've spent more years in business pin-stripes than Marine Dress Blues, my leadership experience as a Marine continues to be a lifelong work in progress."

Horse Sense

John's formative years growing up in the California mountains and desert gave him a strong work ethic running pack trains and ranch work as a young cowboy. He says, "I grew up fast. Working outdoors toughened me up and whether being kicked by a belligerent mule or berated by a cranky camper I learned something I couldn't learn in any other way There is no quitting, you 'buck up' and get the job done!"

Photo above is packer Frank Smith leading a string of pack mules over Pinchot Pass on the John Muir Trail in the High Sierras' backcountry, Kings Canyon National Park, California. Photo courtesy Londie Garcia Padelsky gallery.