John A. Brady, Ph.D.

Welcome, and Congratulations!

If you found your way here, you are clearly among the best and brightest who are seeking to step up their leadership game. Like many other successful executives you have undoubtedly found that "It is what you learn after you know it all that counts."

If you are ready to take the next step, I am a master executive coach that helps good leaders become great leaders

My vision and promise to you:

I Foster Ethical Leadership and High Performance Organizations based on the principles of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.

I am a trusted C-Level coach with a thirty-five-year track record assisting senior executives in achieving significant personal, professional, and organizational success. I’ve been called 'Wizard,' 'Yoda,' 'Colombo,' and the 'leadership whisperer' by my clients, based on my unique ability to create positive change in people and organizations.

I am an unabashed idealist with a strong pragmatic streak who has a 'nose' for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leadership and organizational excellence.

My expertise is assisting ethical leaders to bring people together to achieve a unified vision. I facilitate change by aligning an organization's vision, strategy, structure, and culture, and I specialize in working with organizations in flux.

I have built my career on the old fashioned principles of hard work, honesty, integrity, accountability, passion, commitment, and pure grit.

I never quit and my motto is, "I will find a way, or I will make one!"

If you are looking for real-world results, I am your man!

John Brady, Ph.D.

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Consider the case of Mr. William C. Ferguson, (below) retired Chairman and CEO of NYNEX Corporation


WILLIAM C. FERGUSON, Chairman and CEO of NYNEX Corporation

Dr. John Brady came to NYNEX when we were at a critical crossroad. He came highly recommended by Fortune 500 CEO of an 80,000 employee multinational corporation after John helped him pilot his company through a challenging leadership and corporate culture transformation. This CEO's endorsement was short and sweet, "He's one of a kind! He's the master at bringing people together."

John wasn't your typical consultant; He didn’t have preconceived notions or faulty assumptions about our situation. Despite his credentials and experience, he didn't pontificate about how we should run our business, or propose generic solutions. Instead, he approached us with an intense curiosity about what made NYNEX ‘tick,’ reminiscent of the T.V. detective Colombo. Our people responded to Brady's calm assurance and openly shared their ideas about improving our company.

It was clear that Dr. Brady was a seasoned pro who had paid his dues in the corporate trenches and knew the realities of corporate politics. From the get-go, he told us there were no shortcuts or 'quick fixes' and that the transformation of NYNEX was a long-term process that would take every ounce of our energy, patience, and perseverance. John was candid and upfront about the sacrifice and hard work needed by our senior executive team to turn our company around. To make his point crystal clear, he admonished us that it that would be tougher than 'turning a whale in a bathtub.'

Brady was a good match for our hard-nosed, rough-and-tumble, northeast business culture. It sounds simple, but we had two very different, competing sub-cultures; the New York City style versus the Boston style (think New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox). He was legendary in NYNEX management circles for his ability to coach the diverse members of my senior team, some of which were reluctant participants. He had a gift for dealing with acrimonious and skeptical executives, and the result was a fully engaged, committed and aligned senior team ready to start turning the NYNEX whale.

After helping me align the senior team, Brady designed a company-wide program called "NYNEX Winning Ways," focused on our four core values; Quality, Ethics and Caring for the Individual. The results were amazing; there was a quantum leap in communication, cooperation, and collaboration across the board. Our employees had a new spirit of trust and mutual respect that measurably improved our results, and reduced interdepartmental turf battles. I received countless phone calls and notes from the rank and file telling me how much they appreciated what we were doing.

On a personal level, I consider the Winning Ways process the most rewarding and challenging achievement of my business career. The New York Public Service Commission lauded our quick turnaround and our renewed commitment to high ethical standards, quality, and customer service. I was proud of our employees and the Winning Ways' success story, so we made the centerpiece of our Annual Report as follows:

"For employees, NYNEX is becoming a new kind of company with completely new ways of getting the job done. Our corporate culture, embodied in a set of principles we call NYNEX Winning Ways, gives all of our people a stake in building and acting on our foundation of core values: Quality, Ethics and Caring for the Individual."

We could not have turned the company around without John's steady hand and perseverance. We successfully 'turned the NYNEX whale in a bathtub' together — just as he promised!



John Brady graduated from the distinguished California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California. He learned the dictum, "Tell me, and I forget; Teach me, and I learn; Involve me, and I remember," during the Owen Servatius Era at the Cal Poly Business School. He earned his B.S. and MBA in 1970 and began his management career with AT&T. Brady earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Psychology in 1982 as an AT&T Fellow at the Stanford University affiliated Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California. John also holds a certificate as a Master Life Coach, M.Lc.


../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngJohn has worked in the corporate trenches for over three decades. His first-hand experience during the 1983-84 AT&T divestiture has proven invaluable in helping him assist senior leaders and their teams in navigating challenging organizational change. Brady learned that the three most critical factors during successful organizational change requires: 1) Getting full employee buy-in and participation during the change process, 2) Extraordinary senior executive commitment, visability, and involvement with the rank and file employees, and 3) Management 'Walking the Talk.' Everything else is just window dressing!

Marine Corps Leadership

../picts/marine-emblem 4 half inch.pngBrady has spent more years in business pin-stripes than his Marine Dress Blues and considers his business leadership an extension of his leadership training as a U.S. Marine. He learned the key leadership principles of Ductus Exemplo (Lead by Example) and Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), and they are the cornerstone of his personal and professional relationships today.

'Horse Sense'

John's formative years were spent as a young cowboy in California's High Sierra mountains. Running pack trains and hustling ranch work gave him a strong work ethic. Brady got toughened working outdoors in all kinds of weather, breaking wild mustang horses, being kicked by belligerent mules, and trampled by cranky cattle. He learned first hand that there there are no excuses and no quitting; You 'cowboy up' and get the job done no matter what!